A person who constantly ask for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them.
"Hey, should I break up with Sherry?"
"Yeah, I haven't seen you smile in two years dude."
*Asks her to marry him instead*
Freakin Askholes!
by Crystizzle February 23, 2012
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when someone asks you a leading question with the full intention of using it as an avenue to begin mocking you.
Example: A friend of mine attempted to embarrass me in front of some of his friends by asking me "didn't you wear that same T-shirt yesterday"' knowing full well that I have several of the same color. I informed him that this type of act is commonly referred to as an "askhole"
by Joe from Carrollton April 9, 2016
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Someone who asks too many stupid, pointless,retarted questions.
Joe your a askhole quit asking retarted stuff about Guild Wars.
by Impact_Dark August 6, 2007
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A person who asks for your advice,yet always does the opposite of what you told them.
Friend-"I am so worried, my cat is sick,what do I do?"
You-"Take him/her to the vet to be safe."
Friend-"Nah,I'm just going to wait and see what happens."
You-" If you're not going to take my advice why ask then?"
Friend-"uh I don't know..because I am an askhole?"
by pegmom3 July 10, 2012
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someone who asks for your opinion and then does whatever they want anyway
My wife asked my opinion about buying a new dress. I told her it was an unnecessary purchase. She preceded to act like an askhole and bought it anyway.
by Orb70 February 20, 2014
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The type of person who is always asking for advice, yet never takes it, preferring to fart around and waste everybody's time, often doing the totally contrary thing to the advice given.
Jeremy is such an askhole - he came for advice on this and ignored my years of experience; as a result, he lost a packet.
by Raggle Frock July 5, 2015
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One of those idiots who like using ask.com like some stuck up prick, instead of using google.
I didn't know you didn't like google.com! You're such an askhole!
by ZimFFan June 26, 2007
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