The type of person who is always asking for advice, yet never takes it, preferring to fart around and waste everybody's time, often doing the totally contrary thing to the advice given.
Jeremy is such an askhole - he came for advice on this and ignored my years of experience; as a result, he lost a packet.
by Raggle Frock July 20, 2015
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One who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the complete opposite of what you told/advised them to do.
Dave asked if he should date this girl, and while everyone said no, he proceeded to date her, Dave is what we call an askhole.
by Gmone June 29, 2015
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One of those idiots who like using ask.com like some stuck up prick, instead of using google.
I didn't know you didn't like google.com! You're such an askhole!
by ZimFFan June 26, 2007
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A person that always ask questions and never shuts their mouth. Usually starts every sencents with "Ummm" and most people cant talk to this person for more then one minute.

Their a akward, weird, person that doesnt have many friends.

Also is kinda stupid
Teacher talking about something, and just explained everything
Sam "Ummm yeah how does that work? Um um..."
Teacher "Well let me explain it AGAIN"

Class "Ugh eff that askhole"
by hollywoodundead<3 January 19, 2011
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Someone who asks many stupid, pointless, random or obnoxious questions on a regular basis.
"Wow, my daughter's a hell of an askhole!"
by KinkoX120 September 24, 2015
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Someone in your office (or other venue) constantly asks stupid questions.
Me: Damn, that bitch Susan is such an askhole.

You: Why's that?

Me: She keeps asking me dumbfuck questions!
by InterwebFanatic March 04, 2011
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Someone who asks for your advice, but never uses it; like an asshole, but instead "ask" hole.
Ask-Hole: Hey Merissa, do you think I should wear the mini skirt, the leggings, or the hoochie shorts?

Merissa: Definitely the hoochie shorts! They make you look PHAT.

Ask-Hole: Ehh I think I'll wear the mini skirt it accentuates my cooka.

Merissa: You're such an Ask-Hole!
by Bholmes_xo June 07, 2014
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