(n.) The most fucked search engine ever. Typing in the word will bring up page upon page of irrelevant crap, all pertaining to the same subject. the sex.com search engine is more likely to give you the answers you need. Jeeves has an annoying tendancy to hide the most popular and information-filled results several pages back while giving you fanboy websites and advertisements that merely mention the subject first.
I hate ask.co.uk

I shall hit it with my hating stick.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 9, 2004
A search engine used for looking up information on the internet. Unfortunetly, Jeeves is not as good as Google, you can never get a straight answer out of this balding man that looks fairly sexy in his Halloween costume.
Little Merle: I typed in "Russian Goods and Services" and all I got were mail orded brides. Hmm, that one looks pretty decent, actually...Where is all the real information that real people need?!
Little Alvin: Try Google, it's way better!
by THE ALL KNOWING AMY May 7, 2004
To type in a keyword(s) to the web search engine Ask.com. Jeeves is the mascot for the site.
"What does Julie Andrews look like?"
"Why don't you Ask Jeeves?"
by foo_foo October 21, 2007
A dumbass man on the internet, you can't get a straight answer from jeeves.
Jeeves-Ask me a question
Me-Where can i find pictures of men in the nude?
Jeeves-The answer is, Carpet right the number one place for carpets.
by GirlSkater February 3, 2004
The lamest Search Engine Ever. The commercials tell you that typing in a question will give you an answer.

All it is is a search engine, like Google, and Yahho (Except 6000 times worse) and does NOT give you answers, merely search results.
Me: *types in* Where can I find 10 hour long porn movies?

Ask.com: 1st Result A Brief History on movies at the cinema!

Me: Why can't Ask.com implode?

Ask.com: 1st Result 10 HOUR Pr0n DVD'Z 4 DOwnloaDINg LOLZ!!!11

Me: Ah.. I think i'm gonna go use Google now...
by Cloud November 27, 2004
Jeeves is a sexy balding butler who looks better with no pants on rather than clothed.
Moi: oooh jeeves bend over big boy
(Jeeves bends over)
Moi:*whip crack!!*
Jeeves: IM A BAD BOY!!
by Joanna-Clare May 6, 2004
A haltering phrase that is injected into a conversation to stop another from a bout of irrational questioning. Typically stated in the middle of a reply out of mere frustration or it can be used as an interuption of a 'too many questions' attack. May be a simple end rather than an answer to a useless question.
Example One
YoLandray - Hey man, who is going tonight?
Devondry - Everyone! Even Joe's cousin Lisa will be there.
YoLandray - Whaaaat!? Who is she with, who's she going with, is she with anyone, is it true what they... Devondry - Daaaam foo... I dunno, ask Jeeves bitch!

Example Two -
Sleepy - Hey Doc, is it true that sleeping aids cause oily gas?
Doc, Bashful aaaaand Grumpy - We dunno foo! Ask Jeeves Bitch!
by Berndoyd April 2, 2007