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Ask is a computer-virus like search engine that you sometimes have the misfortune to get when you download some legal free program. It replaces Google or what other search engine you might be running at all aspects on your internet browser, can have the same equal annoying tendency.

If you are not a neard at computers, You will probably need to use some time to go back to your original configuration only to find a new annoying search engine kicking out Google next time you have installed a free program.
I did not remember setting my default search engine to be
by Danmark November 11, 2012
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A kick ass search engine website that you can use if you forget how to spell google. But beware, It is guarded by a mystical Wizard named "Jeeves" Good luck. WARNING: Jeeves is level 79, so don't go there if your a noob.
Megan:Yo dude, I forgot how to spellz google, Whats do i do??

Lance:Go to dumb ass...
by Lance Bryson Bitch! July 28, 2008
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A place where tweens go for relationship advice.
Mark: How do I tell if this girl likes my magic cards

Dave: go to like the rest of your friends
by Mark MXVII June 15, 2013
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