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To be "asianed" is to have sex, as a White, Black, or Latina woman, with Asian men. This term is analogous to the neologisms "blacked" and "bleached" that became popular in the late 2010s.
Jessica hooked up with James at the party last night... I never expected that she would ever get asianed, but the times they are a-changin'.
by chloegrace October 19, 2018
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For any new thing you are about to attempt, there's already a youtube video of an underage asian doing it a million times better than you ever could. Here it is. You should quit in frustration.
I think I'll try my hand at this guitar cover. Oh wait. Asianed.
by Juancri May 17, 2013
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Past tense, for someone who looked Asian at on point in time. Most likely stoned to the bone
Man, last week at that party, we all were Asianed!
by Big Smokey May 05, 2018
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