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An individual that is immersed in the genre of horror that revolves around intense displays of gore and mayhem; Films like 'Dawn of the Dead' and 'Zombie'.

Someone that loves b-horror films that have poor plot and acting, and watch for the scenes of extreme violence and gore.
Anyone who thinks that Lucio Fulci is a genius.
by Ashy Larry June 29, 2004

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A show where P Diddy tells everyone to go to Queens and get him a sugar cookie or go to New Jersey to get him a golf club and take pictures of midgets holding ballons or to go to the Bronx to get breast milk from a Cambodian immigrant.
The five greatest rappers of all time. 1.Dylan
Dylan spits fire!!!!
by Ashy Larry March 25, 2004

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Alternate yiddish for Schmuck. See Schmuck.
He gave you a 'D'?! Fucking schmagegi.
by Ashy Larry June 30, 2004

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the best Call of Duty player the world has ever seen.
My name is Langer and I just got owned by that fool Ashy Larry!
by Ashy Larry December 14, 2004

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a fluffer is a pimp that licks fluff of your moms titties.
samurai_ smells like marshmellow... so does my mom. DAMMIT dude is a straight fluffer.
by Ashy Larry April 14, 2005

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