A dangerous and cunning fox, an Ashraf has 2 sides, kind and friendly, or deadly and demonic. Ashrafs however, tend to be the best people to go to for advise. They will advise you in a truthful and polite manner, giving thoughtful and insighful opinions. Ashrafs dislike rudeness and have strong distaste for disrespectful or arrogant people. They are not cowards, but also have never heard of accountabilty. They have a hidden insecurity but will never under no circumstances let it show. Ashrafs are known for keeping their emotions inside so it is not unnatural to find ashrafs lying about how they feel. Ashrafs make excellent friends, showing concern for others and showering friends with gifts or food. Take ashrafs for granted however, and they will have your head
Hey, whats some of the qualities of a good boyriend? Oh he has to be an Ashraf
Hey see what my friend bought for me today! A 24k Gold necklace! Oh he must be an Ashraf
by Psedonymous April 1, 2018
A guy with this name is amazingly perfect. What more do you want than an ASHRAF? He is funny, romantic, sexy, handsome,sweet and incredibly hot. He has not only a big heart but also big hands and I mean really BIG. Every guy would want to be an ASHRAF and every girl would totally want to date him. He is also known as MR.awesome and is always mistaken for a hot Korean Hottie because of the childish innocent Asian look. Normally, an ASHRAF would have awesome spiky black hair and wears sexy spectacles. Whatever you do, once you got your hands on an ASHRAF, dont fucking let go ladies. You WILL REGRET IT FOR SURE.
Have you seen Kayla's boyfriend? He is an absolute Ashraf ! I want to kill myself because Im practically so jealous.
by sharifahsyakila July 24, 2011
Ashraf is a s*xy looking guy with a big you know and He gets all the girls. Everyone is jealous of him that’s why they hate.
Ay yo ‘Ashraf’s’ there he’s looking peng today like always
by Thedefinitionishere June 16, 2020
Izzah Farhan married with Ashraf
Meaning:Izzah Farhan married with the most handsome guy in the world
by Dr JohnWhite November 18, 2020
Ashraf is the best creative director Assassin’s Creed has ever seen

He saved AC before Quebec ruined it in 2018 with assassin’s creed odyssey
Ashraf save AC Quebec ruin next year
by AssassinsCreedFanNo.1 August 18, 2020
One who is so intoxicated that they have to spend the night in the bathroom over the toilet after a night of heavy drinking. This usually leads to embarrassing pictures taken by close friends who eventually print them on t-shirts.
Man did you see how drunk Jenni was last night she had to pull an ashraf just to be able get through the night
by Frosty81 August 5, 2007
Ashraf is a very nice person, he gives good advice and is very straight forward.
He is also quite handsome. Ashraf plays foot ball and is very good at headers because of the magnitude of his forehead. Despite the size of said forehead people say it suits him. Ashraf loves animals and also loves feeding dogs chocolate. Ashraf is banned from several national parks around east Africa. Ashraf is also known as 'Mr steal your mom.'And if u find his shoes at ur doorstep u know what he is doing upstairs 😉.
Why do these do these shoes look like ashrafs? and mom is never home this early.
by Koft1n November 22, 2021