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A silly and fun girl, she'll leave the room leaving the people in it with a smile. if you are looking for a good time call her up, she loves to smile be silly and trust me you'll fall in love with her
Ashby is who I fell in love with...
by Flying_fisBoodish November 03, 2017
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Noun, Singular
A girl with her charismatic and charming self that attracts people to her , she's radiant , beautiful, positive. She also tends to initiate events, to be a leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities. She'll be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination. She can be courageous and sometimes aggressive. As unique, and creative, she tends to resent authority, and is sometimes stubborn, proud, sarcastic, and impatient; other times obedient because she is clever and knows if she does what she's told the more time she has to do her own will.
"Ashby is fantastic!"
"Don't mess with Ashby!! She'll bite you're head off!"
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by i.Sp3ak.hturT August 22, 2018
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An awesome sweet kind-hearted girl. Too cute to function. Awesome at giving advice and always has your back, but don't get on her bad side; she will mess you up. Awesome singer with a full heart.
Have you seen Ashby? She complimented me!
by Hoe4poptarts June 08, 2018
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An amazing talented girl who always seems to brighten anyones day she is talented in every way she has a voice of an angel and her acting is amazing and will one day be scouted by broadway agents she is smart and her teachers obviously love her she is so great at making sure everyone is happy and doing well it makes me so happy to have a friend like her in my life
What cant ashby do broadway is shook,
by Juli@ January 01, 2019
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The biggest parties at the biggest party school are in ashby, the apartment complex about a half mile from JMU. Kegs abound from the Exxon station at the crest of the hill overlooking ashby, a sight meaning that you don't need that fake, upperclassmen feed you beer for free. The location was obviously chosen by a higher power, because the hill you have to walk up to when going to ashby you stumble down as you walk back to your dorm, encouraging chants of "FRESHMAN!!!" from equaly inebriated upperclassmen in cars. over 100 policemen are rumored to be within 1 square mile of ashby, so thank God for private property laws: stay off the road and they can't touch you.
Dude I got trashed last night, It was so crazy and everything was free.

-oh you were in ashby...
by Freddy Freshman August 28, 2006
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all the others are about girls, but this is the guy one. A nice dude who loves sci-fi and video games, and is a top student but not a smart ass. he, in fact, hates smart asses. (especially kids named Dante). he can fit into almost any group with ease.
Hey look it's Ashby.
by ashbyman10 April 21, 2019
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This is another guy version since there are not many. Ashby is a guy who likes to stay home all day and relax. He doesn't go out much. He is funny and self-confident. Ashby has a small friend group and doesn't care about what people thinks. But ashby has one flaw he is bipolar with who he likes so he can't keep a relationship.
Have you seen Ashby's hair? It's like he just doesn't care.
by Acraso May 08, 2019
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