Beautiful girl. Small but very powerful, shy and quiet. Loves shopping and hanging out. She is a rare one, not many of her around. You're most certainly going to be sad in her absence. Really you need one of these in your life!
"Ashbie defines the word beautiful ."
"You can't live without Ashbie."
by Lelly132 November 10, 2017
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A lovely girl just trying to get by super aesthetic pretty tall has a ton of friends crazy 😜 would fight someone for you Shes an amazing friend really down to earth and chill super forgiving and loving and it’s hard for her to date as she doesn’t like many people loves classics like my girl,breakfast club,stand by me,full house and friends her favourite thing is boys with glasses and hoodies she likes all colours and has a lot of skin care goes though fazes with obessing over movies loves her name she has the most beautiful brown eyes with slightly light brown hair gets affended easily but loves joking around thinks she’s the funniest girl on the planet which she is she’s so cute and she always awkward LOVES to dance anywhere doesn’t matter if it’s serious or silly she’s just.. amazing 💘
Girl1: why is ashbie dancing lol
Girl2: why not? *joins in*
by Somecrazyinlovegirl September 16, 2018
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Ashby is the last name of people who know how to party. They all are a little crazy. Never fall in love with an Ashby otherwise the Ashby curse will haunt you forever.
"Didn't you date and Ashby?"
"Yea and then i got super unlucky the whole time i was with her"
by wowwowwuzby January 25, 2020
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Ashby, Massachusetts - Where people that have unhealthy relationships with animals go to hide. It’s not hard to understand why zoophiles would find Ashby appealing, after all it is neither on the way to nor from anywhere mentally healthy people would travel.

Ashby’s most redeeming quality is its 0.4 square miles of water where zoophiles with a preference toward ducks go to live out their fantasies.

So if beastiality is for you and you think hanging with 3,000 other zoophiles would make you happier than a pig in... your wife, head on over to Ashby, Massachusetts - where you can be a baaaad boy or girl.
Ashby, Massachusetts is a frightening place for the mentally sane.
by WikiWhat? September 20, 2018
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