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all the others are about girls, but this is the guy one. A nice dude who loves sci-fi and video games, and is a top student but not a smart ass. he, in fact, hates smart asses. (especially kids named Dante). he can fit into almost any group with ease.
Hey look it's Ashby.
by ashbyman10 April 22, 2019
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possibly one of the greatest films ever made, and the best samurai movie ever. It is a film directed by Akira Kurosawa one of the greatest Japanese film directors. I suggest that everyone watches this film.
Person 1: yo, have you seen yojimbo?
Person 2: of course I have, only retarded communists haven't seen it.
(note author has a severe distaste for commie bastards.)
by ashbyman10 October 22, 2020
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