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when you intentionally do something but you don't REALLY mean to do it that much, so that your friends don't hate you and travel back in time to stop you from doing it.
why the fuck did you kill my friend?!?

I did it "as a joke"
by xxxaceyxxx February 28, 2019
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Taken from the teenage chav character Vicki Pollard in the British comedy sketch show Little Britain.

Often adds this onto the end of her very fast ignorant chav sentences to qualify something really stupid she has done.

Can be added to the end of any appropriate (or, in fact, inappropriate) sentence in everyday conversation to make it sound funny/"cool"/common/comically ignorant/indicate a joke. Must be said in Vicki's unique accent blend of west country chav.
Doctor: "Vicki, you're pregnant. You must have had sex at least once. Do you remember?"

Vicki: "yeahbutnobut... yeahwelli'veneverevenhadsex exceptforthatonetime8monthsago withwayne'sbrotherdownbytheparknearthembins andthatwasFORAJOKE"
by mary moo July 07, 2005
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