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When someone smacks someone else with a lot of force on the back.
OUCH!, James gave me a five star.
by xxxaceyxxx September 21, 2018

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when you intentionally do something but you don't REALLY mean to do it that much, so that your friends don't hate you and travel back in time to stop you from doing it.
why the fuck did you kill my friend?!?

I did it "as a joke"
by xxxaceyxxx February 28, 2019

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It is a state of feeling worried, anxious or depressed about a very important event or part in your day.
I am feeling zxcvbnm,./ about today's mathematics exam.
by xxxaceyxxx September 11, 2018

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Some kid with glasses that makes alien noises and hangs out with Roy-lee
don't get too close to him, he can and will bite you.
Not alien: "hey alien"
Alien: "No, DoN't CaLl Me ThAt!!"
Not alien "ok then, Alien"
by xxxaceyxxx June 25, 2019

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A meme that is only said and understood between a group of friends, it occurs in schools, homes and other places, they are often funny and are sometimes funnier than worldwide memes.
Hey Joe, heard of that new local meme?
by xxxaceyxxx March 11, 2019

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A state of feeling very happy and exited about a certain event
I am feeling /.,mnbvcxz about the school trip
by xxxaceyxxx September 18, 2018

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Your average guy who walks down the street and has a huge white beard.
Year 7 kid 1: who's that guy?
Year 7 kid 2: Oh, thats Joe
by xxxaceyxxx March 11, 2019

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