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1) A type of statement or question that sounds or looks as though it is humorous, but is in fact, not in any way funny. Also called a non-entendre. Usually simply a reference, or a non-sequitur that is not even accidentally funny. Followed either by the phrase "get it?" or by immediate, raucous laughter if the audience are hipsters. (Hipsters are notorious for laughing at jokes they don't understand, to feign comprehension.)

2) A joke similar to 1., but with the intention of frustrating or confusing the audience, rather than pleasing them.
1) Bill: I drank so much milk I fell down, and I was like, whoa, what is this, Terminator 2?
(A minute of silence)
Mike: Bill, that's a lone, confusing reference, not a joke. It is also not a witty observation. You have now performed a hat trick of no-joke jokes, and unless you stop talking, we will throw you out of your own party.

2) An intentional No-Joke Joke:
Q: What is the difference between a duck?
A: One of it's legs are both the same!
by The Great Pumpkin February 10, 2009

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A "dance" that amounts to little more than standing in one place, making erratic movements meant to be suggestive, which instead make you look like you are coming in your pants.

If a monkey were convinced to dance, but not taught how to, his movements would be similar to a person performing the monkey shuffle.
Shelly: Is he trying to impress us?
Candy: It looks like he's having sex with an invisible, vertical couch.
Shelly: Can the monkey shuffle really be that physically demanding that he should be sweating?
Candy: I'm expecting my dad to show up and join in.
Shelly: We should stop. I'm beginning to think he's actually... you know, mentally challenged.
Candy: Is that... Drool? Why won't he stop looking at us?
Shelly: Oh my god, Candy, we need to get out of here right now!
Candy: Let me get my purse!
by The Great Pumpkin February 10, 2009

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A specific type of suxy party where hipsters fail to realize they're cracking no-joke jokes and performing "dance moves" slightly more complex than the the monkey shuffle. There are, more often than not, less than 2 heterosexual and interesting females in attendance.

Can take place at a bar, but occurs most often at a place of residence.
Mike: Are you coming over to Ted's after we close the bagel store?

Amy: Yeah, and be the only chick there? No thanks, enjoy your snow party. Tell Ted that I said hi, and that pop culture references are not jokes.
by The Great Pumpkin February 10, 2009

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