Unique and fancy things made by hand or without machines. Typically refers to food (e.g. Artisan donughts)
Mike's girlfriend was so fancy, when they watched movies she would only eat artisan popcorn from the upscale popcorn shop downtown
by Mathblaster_1 December 30, 2016
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Noun:(arr-tih-sen) Latin: A full practicer in the arts. Well respected and renouned for mastery of skills in all forms of artistry.
Noob 1: I need to find an artisan. Who is an artisan?

by Baylor May 28, 2006
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To achieve the highest level of creativity with detail and heart put into every project.
Orea’s art is beyond Artisan, every work is truly a masterpiece.
by JustAClownToAnyBody June 25, 2020
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A marketing term used excessively by hipsters, vegans, art types, baristas, and people who work at organic food stores, to elevate said food/coffee/product above perceived "regular" products.
Have you been to Spyhouse Coffee shop yet for their new artisanal soy latte? It's made from single-origin beans harvested only by a small 10 year old boy in Guatemala. So good.
by Supermodified February 22, 2012
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NASA Scientist: I love Uranus, because artisanal (art is anal)
by marseylover February 17, 2023
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A niche form of anal sex, commonly practiced by artists.

Originating from a portmanteau of the words artist and anal.
I've been having great artisanal sex ever since I met that sculptor.
by MadRich August 24, 2016
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