Big arm muscles, i.e. big biceps AND triceps.
Arnold has some serious big guns.
by Sandro May 29, 2005
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Large Breasts on a female, Not used for male breasts manboobs
Jesus! Those are some Big Guns!
by Brian May 29, 2005
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Some game on Roblox that is swag but also deep lore. It's pretty cool I guess.
Steven: "Hey man, wanna play Big Gun?"
Johnathan: "No."
Steven: "Oh, ok."
by OofItsLuka October 8, 2020
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Bubba tyson jake sean chris perry Dylan river john tracey king bween tbenny all the robichauxs MIM Pip and the biggest of them all cha and xay
U seen bubba fixing my roof that’s a big gun
by Posterizer October 2, 2021
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To load up a list of numbers and dial through them with out actually clicking. A magical way of reaching out through out the country
In the morning your boss says "Load up your big gun",repeatedly, when in fact you already know that is a prerequisite of excellence.
by interesante March 9, 2010
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