Large Breasts on a female, Not used for male breasts manboobs
Jesus! Those are some Big Guns!
by Brian May 29, 2005
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Some game on Roblox that is swag but also deep lore. It's pretty cool I guess.
Steven: "Hey man, wanna play Big Gun?"
Johnathan: "No."
Steven: "Oh, ok."
by OofItsLuka October 07, 2020
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To load up a list of numbers and dial through them with out actually clicking. A magical way of reaching out through out the country
In the morning your boss says "Load up your big gun",repeatedly, when in fact you already know that is a prerequisite of excellence.
by interesante March 09, 2010
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a commom pimp who does shit the way shit should be done. Usually of greek descent. Youll see the Big Guns running the clubs, winnin all the poker games, mackin all the ladies, and sippin all the cristalle. See kingpin and Don
by Grk King January 22, 2004
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