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Super funny and nice. Arshi's have a shy side but once you get to know them they are actually quite fun. They love their friends and are nice. Arshi's make the best kind of friends and they are worth the effort. They make great long term friends. Their personality is very loveable.
Person 1: "Wow that girl is so cool!"
Person 2: " Ya she is such an Arshi."
by SciTechies November 25, 2014
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One who is living the good life.
Can Sometimes be a dick
Gets High too often
Jim Jones
Big Booty
by KRS ONE February 03, 2008
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A small dicked twat who likes to play league of legends instead of getting pussy. Overall just a fucking cuck
Yo we should invite arshis to the mall. Nah he’s woman repellent, we don’t want him around the girls.
by Lyme87 August 04, 2018
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