Top definition who masters the arse. who excells in the use of arses for pleasure who fucks unsuspecting bystanders up the arses hen they aren't looking then runs off into the bush before they can figure out whodunnit
by specky March 28, 2005
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to be a master of the rectum. If in US use "ass master", then followed by the word chump.
you's aint nothin but an arse master bitch!!
by pip-sticks August 13, 2006
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(adjective) (phonetically: arse-mar-stir)

Common insult like "dick" and such. Can be used to describe Justin Beiber and other people you don't like.

arsemasti (plural) (phonetically: arse-marst-eye)

Teacher: Why haven't you done the hand-written, 900 page essay I set for you yesterday you lazy fool?!

Me: I have dyslexia sir.

Teacher: That is no excuse you retard! (starts frothing at mouth)

Me: You're such an arsemaster!



Teacher's boyfriend: You tell him Ben! *gropes arse*

Me: You guys are arsemasti.
by God_of_pussy September 24, 2010
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