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word created by matty D to be used with the the word fully, thus..... fully lushism. It is a hobartian translation of fully sickwhich was used by paolo falzoni in fat pizzawhich is the fully sickest show ever in history.
"wow did you see that sick as tryhard skater move??"

"Mate the word is lushism, did you see that lushism tryhard skater move..... and yes i did"

"ummmmm.... okay"
by specky January 11, 2005
a freind of mine who usually goes by the name razza. but he has a strange if not disturbing obssession with being the master of pigs, this obviously is a very strange habit and if you ever see the nerdy little fargot on enemy territory smash his punk-assed little special ops face into the ground for he is in fact not a master of the pigs..... but an arsemaster
"pigmaster seven, oh seven, seven seven"
by specky January 11, 2005
one male who is attracted to another of the male species. Also known as a poof, a gay, a gaybo, one who bats for the other side or one who puts on the rough..... This term, used to describe the less understood people of the human race was derived from the league of gentlemen. It was used often by pop.
Pop: "I used to weep at night for fear that he was a maryueen"

Patricia: "american?"

by specky January 11, 2005
not cool...... the same as a bee with no knees, or a cat who had his pyjamas tragicaly burnt off in a fire, or some little retard ho is really smart so he shuns all his friends and goes off to do scholarships and stuff....... you could also just say its a fat little multi-chinned american who not only is fat multi chinned and american but is dyslexic.... therefore making him prone to many blunders literature wise and forcing him to make the uncommon error of saying the word hat this mening is based around instead of too cool for school........ The End (deep breath put step down from soapbox)
"whoah did you see that awesome show it was too school for cool"

"you're a nad the real way to say it is too cool for school dickweed"
by specky January 20, 2005
Wayne staley
Scientific name: Stalebread
This young full-blooded beast was first discovered in a bogan dominated area of society called tasman district high school, wayne was born in 1990 with an amazing ability known as ADHD, this gives him the ability to have amazing amounts of energy as he leaps from detention to relocation much in the same way as a flying squirel jumps from tree to tree.

Wayne staley has never nad one friend in his whole life as he is so completely hyperactive that no-one can handle him, this hyperactiveness is battled by giving him drugs that are otherwise illegal. This drug is known as ecstasy. unfortunately this does not affect him at all and his fellow students have often expressed to the teachers the need to put him on sedatives. young wayne has recently been expelled from newtown high for being something which can only be described as psychotic....... i have not seen this amazing creature for some time now and hope for his sake that i never see him again lest i gaet the urge to stab him repeatedly in the chest with a blunt knife.
wayne staley...... the end.
by specky January 15, 2005
non existant being who if you are looking for the proper meaning of you would've spelt it confucious. you are obviously the biggest idiot in the universe then, and one day i will hunt you down and murder you with a button. "because he who spell confucious wrong is obviously a little tard with no intelligence whatsoever........ now leave this site and never return you everybody loves raymond lover...
confusis is really spelt confucious dickhead
by specky January 21, 2005
1.one who masters the arse.

2.one who excells in the use of arses for pleasure

3.one who fucks unsuspecting bystanders up the arses hen they aren't looking then runs off into the bush before they can figure out whodunnit
by specky March 29, 2005