Derived from the word 'eagle ruler' in old french & old german (blah, blah!) BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, it's a name given mostly to very hot french guys who are ridiculously well endowed yet modest, romantic, brilliant & quite charming
-wow! he's huge!! his name must be Arnaud!

-Trojan now sells size "Arnaud" for those anointed guys who find the XL size, too small for their enormous gift.

- the Arnaud Pleasure Principle: oooh, it hurts so good!
by Arnaud Lover June 6, 2010
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the most amazingly gorgeous and beautiful guy on this planet...where are you, my French prince???
What's your address, like?!
by chardonnaybeauty November 27, 2004
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Old Germanic name, meaning "The Eagle sores"

People called Arnaud, will try to impress you with explaining that meaning over and over....
But they are just compensating for the fact that they are as ugly as the night is long and have a major genital embarrassment; The MICRO PENIS!!
She looked at a gloryhole and saw the "dangling manbits" and without hesitation she yelled "Arnaud" from the top of her lungs!!
by Captain Hindsight June 27, 2019
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A guy that does not respect the rules. He thinks he is exempt and above these rules. He is an asshole, a cockwomble.
Did you see that guy? He went out during quarantine, what an Arnaud.

Geez, can you believe that guy? He just came back from Milan and he gave me a hug, what an Arnaud.
by Naselixo March 21, 2020
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He has pulled an arnaudism on us, I could swear he was just here two seconds ago
by Ubiquitous Ninja October 13, 2020
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arnaud is not menacing, he is simply a menace who cannot say no to cake.
by redhotvelvetcake May 12, 2022
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