That one dipshit on reddit that always comments on military related threads acting like they know what they are talking about because they watched Top Gun, played Call Of Duty 4 and War Thunder. Usually bashing the F-35.
I've played war thunder and once read an article on about the F-35, and trust me and my advanced experience, the F-35 is the worse plane ever made and can be shot down by a biplane.

Shut the fuck up, you're an Armchair General, you stupid neckbeard.
by slippery slope January 19, 2015
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A person who sits in a chair behind a computer and leads people or at least attempts to, instead of doing it in person. Usually complains about government, organization, military, political, or religious events through blogs, forums, and social networking sites.
Forum administrator, "Wow, these people are really getting angry, they might start a rally for real soon."

Forum administrator2, "nah, they're just a bunch of armchair generals, they won't do anything if it means having to get up and move around."
by Orzo Nacirema February 25, 2010
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an uncouth warmongering piece of shit who never served in the military, let alone during a war yet just 'knows' all the ins-and-outs of wars, internationally diplomacy, etc. They're usually boorish and offensive
1. Gerald didn't serve in Vietnam yet he carps about Gen. Westmoreland not being 'allowed to do the job', killing every 'squint-eye' out there and Jane Fonda. In a strange twist, he also carps about the Vietnam War being so wasteful and credits Richard Nixon for ending it when it truly ended during the Ford administration. IOW, he's an armchair general who needs to STFU.
2. When Desert Storm came on the TV and radio, broadcast 24/7, day and night LIVE, Desmond sat on his ass and watched the 'drama' on the TV, cheering, 'Yaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!! Kick some Ay-rab ass!!!!' like some juvenile sassybrat kid who took the 'Top Gun' movie way too seriously. He shot off his mouth the same way when the Panama War of 1989-1990 was aired on the media in a more 'normal' (not so dramatic) manner and he was that way with Somalia, Haiti, every war ever since. He too is an armchair general who needs to STFU.
3. Ted Turd Nugent and Kid Cock are armchair generals, cheerleaders who also need to STFU.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice February 28, 2022
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a person who speaks authoritatively but not convincingly on topics that they have no practical experience with, (especially applied to advocates of war)
This armchair general gets on the soap box every day now.
by The Return of Light Joker September 21, 2010
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