A short girl,pretty face, good at makeup, annoying in a good way, is quiet if she doesn't like your presence, awkward sometimes, lazy af, wonderful person you will know. Once you meet an Arlen it will be hard to forget her. She's also not funny because she's hilarious . She has a wonderful personality but thinks differently. around friends she is very outgoing. She's very lovable and trustworthy. She's one of a kind so don't lose her
i'm having a bad day i should go call arlen
by blinkystffy April 15, 2019
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Generally used to describe the indescribable; something beyond our limited human comprehension.
Philosopher: After years of contemplating in my parents' basement, I have come to the conclusion God is arlen.

Emo girl: After the breakup, I felt so...so.... arlen! I even slit the word onto my left wrist.

Dude: I suppose you're expecting a sex-related example to complement the definition. But I'm in an arlen mood so I won't give one!
by Esmat Outim October 7, 2008
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The manliest fucking man to ever exist.
In no way can he be mistaken for a woman.
Has a massive dick.
Even guys wanna suck him off.
Person 1: Yo dude look at that guy fucking 20 girls at once!
Person 2: Probably an Arlen, I wanna join it.
by It aint me cuz November 2, 2019
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Arlen, an awesome boy who loves to play call of duty, GTA V and fortnite on Xbox One with his friends. He is mexican and european. He loves sports like track and baseball. Arlen also loves to make vlogs and often names social media accounts just as his regular name. Arlen gets in trouble somewhat alot in school and always brings his grades up just at the end of every quarter. He usually loves to do thrilling things and parkour.
Wow! I can't believe you brought your grade to an "A" from an "F" a weeks before the quarter ended! Your such an Arlen.
by Stansavage April 4, 2018
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Arlen is an amazing, godly, legendary, and at the sport of basketball. STAIGHT FAX
Arlen is plating a goat in one on one.
He will probably destroy the goat
Oh wait. He is the goat
by Arlen is godly November 21, 2017
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A man who would literally fuck anything that moves, living, dead or inanimate.
Person 1: shit! Arlen’s coming!
Person 2: don’t move!
by Tommoisawesome April 18, 2020
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a sweet sometimes awkward girl who loves her friends, hockey, and penguins. THUPER HAWT. usually green eyes. laughs like a little school girl about the guy she likes. acts like a puppy; very loyal, loveable and likes to go on long walks. eats WAAAAAAAY too much. spends too much time on msn. LOVES music. bad speller. there is nothing you can't like about an Arlen
"hey what are you up to?"
"oh you know, just watching hockey, eating, sitting in my penguin room, listening to music, talking on msn to my boyfriend *blushes* i'm going for a walk later, wanna come?"
"you're such an arlen"
by HulioGonzolez January 26, 2009
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