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Araya is a loud girl who is beautiful she may not think it’s true she a an angel she is usually 5,5 and brown hair everybody love her her smile is amazing her eyes sparkle when you say something right but she has a dark side when you get on her nerves she will let you know she can be a bitch at some times and brutally honest she’s an artist very good at painting but Araya is very sad she just good at hiding it but her boyfriend is very loyal and makes her happy she all so has a past of self harming
Boy 1:Do you know Araya she’s gorgeous ain’t she
Boy 2:I wish I was her man

Boyfriend:well she can be yours she mine
by Unkown_3211 May 06, 2018
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A Drop dead gorgeous girl who can be ugly at sometimes but really beautiful, Shes such a flirt, shes a cutie , she loves to text but mostly call! shes a cheerleader most of the time and a ninja the rest
Boy1: wow araya is really hot
Boy2: No shes not she beautiful
Araya: Thanks call me sometime
by Palyser456 June 15, 2011
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Araya is a Talent, beautiful and adventurous girl. She won’t let anyone get in her way. She has glistening, gorgeous brown eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. Araya is also a very helpful and co-operative girl with passion. She also has a stunning personality.
Boy: OMG! Who is that flawless girl?
Girl: That’s Araya!
Boy: I so wanna be her man.
by Akjdhebebksnwo October 22, 2018
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n. An Araya is a long, loud high pitched falsetto scream which decends into a violent angry yell at the end of the diaphrametic breath. Derived from Slayer Vocalist Tom Araya, who pioneered this distinctive vocalisation on tracks such as "Angel of Death" and "Post Moretom" off Slayer's influential Reign in Blood album.
"Crowd around everyone Pete is going to do an Araya"
by Raunchy McSmutbag October 24, 2006
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A clumsy donkey who only sucks asses all day but is sometimes trust worthy and funny but only sometimes a Araya doesn’t have an asss
by S’souza February 14, 2019
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