Tom Araya born on June 6, so on 666, it was his birthday , also he is best known as the vocalist and bassist of the thrash metal band Slayer. Which also kicks ass. SLAYER OWNS ALL.

Q: "Who is Tom Araya"
A: "Who isnt tom araya, he fucken owns all since he belongs to SLAYER, greatest band ever, the best band with the badd azz riffs, and he plays the bass....dude he owns XCORE!"
by mutilationricky June 7, 2006
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The act of singing a Slayer song perfectly, the speed, lyrics, and pitch correct. No one mortal being can do this, except for Tom Araya, who is superhuman.

Originally thought up by Johnny Qyxzzy
Slayer Fan 1: Hey dude, can you go at the speed of Tom Araya?

Slayer Fan 2: I wish! No one can, man.
by Qyxzzy August 12, 2010
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