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A Spanish term used to describe "sloppy seconds", typically in the Galicia region or "northwest part of Spain near Portugal". Not to be confused with "compartiendo" or a double team, an aragones is typically associated with pursing the easiest goal possible for the least amount of work. Making the term inherently popular in the warm "too hot to work" summer months in Spain. The word is also used heavily in Madrid and Miami.
Amigos, I am tired of scoring my own goals, it's too hot tonight, I'm down for an Aragones though.

Did your boy from Spain score a goal last night? Yeah, but it was an Aragones, he literally did no work and just took my girl from last night.

He got mad aragones last night, that girl has been passed around like a plate of pulpo at a Vigo Christmas dinner.

Aragones can happen anywhere, but you will find many Spanish bros going for those sloppy seconds con putas, even trannies.
by Criminal-Cri-Criminal July 29, 2018
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