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A sack of shit who molested the fuck out of the hobbits and dwarves in the parallel dimension and world to ours known as Middle Earth. It was never made clear why he would thrust his dick inside the rectum and asshole of his helpless pray but everyone knew no matter what he was going to bust a nut into an ass if he ever got ahold of one.

His targeted pootboxes were hobbits and dwarves for the most part but there were some cases reported of him being found spanking dwarbbits across his knee with a herring or trout. He was sued by the Masters of a hobbit he accidently killed by spanking it's blistered up ass with a king salmon.

Ironically, Aragon was killed in battle by an Orc who identified him as the ass fucking rapist who slipped him the date rape drug at a bar at the River City in Gondor during peace time. The Orc, also known as Ganoddab and the savior of all hobbits and dwarves, ended the life of Aragon by breaking off a leg of a table and shoving it up Aragon's shit factory. Eye witnesses of the horrific event noted apon Aragon's death there was a smile on his face due to him having an orgasm.
A greased up naked midget is a tickle fest waiting to happen for Aragon.
by The Informant99 September 16, 2012
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A city in Spain.
Leila: Have you ever been to Aragon? Its amazing.
Jill: Really? I'll have to go there some day.
by J_Jaded October 05, 2008
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Some lame fictional character. If you are anything like one, you are probably pretty lame.
wow look at that dude eating his lunch by himself, he is such an Aragon.
by thewonderfulwizzard November 02, 2010
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