A mismatched and potentially blasphemous term, short for "Jesus Christ, mother of Mary!", which without reflection often passes uncorrected.
A good example of how seldom people listen to themselves or others when they curse.

Could also be Mary's mother. Whomever Mary is, she should be quite worried.
Person A: "Holy crap! That bus is on fire!"
Person B: *Turns to look* "Jesus Christ, Mother of Mary!"
Person A: "...Dude, what the hell?"
by Elly-roo January 10, 2005
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a mother mary is another word for virginity. since mother mary was a virgin that's why it is used the way it is.
i've decided to give him my mother mary for our 5 month anniversary.
by gemi stoan February 14, 2009
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the one mother that gets revernce for something she did not do, while her son is insulted and called a fake. you guys ever realized that?
"holy mother mary...be with us."

"jesus christ? fictional character."
by Allyn Deimos June 04, 2007
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For those who practice safe sex and for woman who can't get enough man milk. this is a simple way for your girlfriend to recieve her daily consumption of man medicine without having to pull out early. After blowing your load in the condom, remove said profalactic. Get your girlfriend to kneel infront of you if praying to Mother Mary herself and then empty contents of condom into her mouth like a tube of toothpaste!
After blowing my load in the condom, Jane knelt infront of me and begged to have it skirted in her mouth! Dirty Bitch!
by The P Dizzle August 19, 2005
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