The 11th astrological sign of the zodiac. The sun is in this sign from January 20th to February18th. It is a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. It's element is Air and it's quality is Fixed. Uranus (associated with genius, and individuality) rules this sign during the day and Saturn (associated with limitation and practicality) takes over at night. It is believed to be the most unique sign in that they are the only sign to spend more of their time thinking into the far future rather than the time-line of their own. They are considered to be compatible with signs of the same element (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius itself). Their main body part is the ankles and the polar opposite of Aquarius is Leo.
Its the Age of Aquarius so obviously they gotta be of SOME significance right?

The best sex that can ever be had is shared between Leo and Aquarius. Opposites attract big time.
by bromodragonfly July 31, 2010
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If you're born between January 20th - February 18th, your zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Aquarius is the weirdest zodiac sign, they rarely are insulted and are really nice once you become their friend!

Aquarius is compatible with: Libra , Leo , Gemini , Aries , and Sagittarius.
Aquarius is the best zodiac sign!
by MagicalDonut101 March 23, 2017
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Pretty much the hipster of the zodiac. They do like a lot hipster stuff and they are generally liberal and are big for humaritarian causes and helping people that are in need. They are also big on human equality and diversity since they are big on friendship.

They like anything weird and they may be a little eccentric, and think it is cool. They probably get a kick out of sci-fi and thift shop clothing, and they love giving things to the Salvation Army, and shopping at it too. They are also a big fan of humantarian causes. Aquarians generally a friendly, but they might have a cold attitude.
Jeff is an Aquarius. He likes sci-fi and loves to give money to the poor.
by Kyle 230 April 28, 2010
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A person that can be very special to you a person that can make u smile will sacrifice theirself for someone they care about a and just a very curious person.
Girl: i wish i could be a Aquarius
by Lolzz_makeitwork_ March 22, 2017
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A zodiac sign representing a person born in mid to late Jan. or early to mid Feb. A very stubborn defender of the month of February.
Damn, that muffin man is still trying to defend my arch nemisis, FEBRUARY! He is most obviously an aquarius.
by alibra August 22, 2006
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Aquarius woman are like real life mermaids of the sea Magical Beautiful Hard To Resist Electric love But Evil Dangerous Wicked Unattainable and Cold Hearted will make you fall inLove, Voice and smile of an Angel put you under their Spell then Rip out your heart. Once they get you you'll never be the same, grate liars and seducers don't fall in their trap
Aquarius January 20 to February 18
by nicc777 May 27, 2017
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And Aquarius is a loving person who is often shot down because of ones rudeness such as ( Gemini, Capricorn, LIBRA Virgo because they want the spotlight Aquarius are understanding and help others when they need it they will always be there to help you and that's why they tend to have many friends they are very talented but sometimes feel very insecure even though they are beautiful they often try to stay connected to god but it's hard to they are determined smart witted and caring people they are also hot and tend to get the boys or girls If you know and Aquarius make sure you show affection cause they love everyone and hate being hated on
Girl: Man have you seen the new girl she's so sweet!

Boy: really if she's pretty to she must me and aquarius
by '';ppp[hfg January 30, 2017
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