Short for appetizers.
Are they going to bring appies to the party?
by AndyBozac December 27, 2017
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Young boogie persons of the aspirational class who work in tech, live in a 1st tier global cities, earn a good salary and does the usual things of someone of their pedigree: wearing pricey but very plain looking clothing, traveling to the latest global hipster spots, eating in bougie places, going to expensive music festivals, taking photos of themselves in an infinity pool, and dabbling in semi-alternative things here and there. This persona often has an active lifestyle, is socially liberal, quite socially inept when facing real people, and has very inconsistent taste in music & film. Basically, an appy is a 2010s era yuppy.
I got priced out of the Bay Area by all the appies who moved in the past 10 years.
by THOTleader September 5, 2019
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Malayalam word for poo. Usually used infront of children, though not offensive, the word can also can be used to mock others.
Entha vaave , Appi idanundo?
(Hey dear, do you need to poo?)
by Malayalam Lexicographer September 3, 2021
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a shortened way of saying application
Austin turned in like a million appys so he could get a job
by Gails February 26, 2008
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Shortening of the word Appaloosa, which is a type of horse that is spotty (the Dalmatian of horses)
Meg: " OMG that appy is soooo cute, look at all its lil spots"
by TheDefinitionHero April 7, 2015
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General term for a Dutch maestro or legend, based on the rare dutch name. Variations include Appiejhan, Appiebahn and Appivoren. Can be unusually tall and/or handsome.

Used in connection with an appropriate adjective, e.g. Real, or True.
Guy 1: "Shit dude, you know that new dutch guy? I heard he can empty a keg in 10 seconds and his k/d is +22."

Guy 2: "OMG. That is truly awesome. He must be some kind of monster."

Guy 1: "Yeah, he's a real Appie"
by JoshMilburnt January 7, 2010
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An appy is a gorjuz, hot, beautiful, sexy girl that lives in warrnambool and looks perfect in someones eyes everyday.
Look at that appy over there, isnt she just so awesome! I wish my girlfriend looked like her.
by skaterboy-matt August 14, 2006
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