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General term for a Dutch maestro or legend, based on the rare dutch name. Variations include Appiejhan, Appiebahn and Appivoren. Can be unusually tall and/or handsome.

Used in connection with an appropriate adjective, e.g. Real, or True.
Guy 1: "Shit dude, you know that new dutch guy? I heard he can empty a keg in 10 seconds and his k/d is +22."

Guy 2: "OMG. That is truly awesome. He must be some kind of monster."

Guy 1: "Yeah, he's a real Appie"
by JoshMilburnt January 07, 2010
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"Appie" is short for apprentice, (new guy) generally used by motorcycle/automotive technicians.
Hey appie! hand me that wrench and then get me some coffee! - Now!
by Darren W August 01, 2007
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