The art of creating problems that weren't even there.
I was overthinking the test and made it harder on my self.
by Jackrocks2468 April 8, 2016
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When you start thinking negitive thoughts about yourself and all the things u have ever done wrong in life
Susan: what's wrong?
Max: I'm a screw up, I can't do anything right, I'm ugly, im worthless, and I'm a lost cause..
Susan: no ur not, ur just overthinking. Ur an amazing person.
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When you obsess over certain situations over and over, the thoughts become more frequent and you begin to fantasise different outcomes and possibilities, most of them unrealistic but your brain lets you worry about the worst options, ut can keep you awake at night and give you the worst feelings.
My presentation went fine, I tend to overthink but it wasn’t that bad eh.
by JustAWeeEmoLassie July 2, 2018
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One who looks too deeply into any situation, and often overanalyzes everything. A Seinfeldian way of thinking, the overthinker will find a motive behind all actions, and dwells on tones and bodylanguage rather than what is spoken.
Billy, don't be an overthinker, she just said hello and didn't mean anything otherwise.

Sometimes I feel like the way she hands me my paper just shows how much she digs me, or maybe i'm being an overthinker.

by clutch trotsky June 15, 2008
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Overthinkers are people who overthink all the time. It is usually because of past problems that have caused them to have trust issues, but that is not always the case. Overthinkers need constant reassurance that they are loved and that u are friends/bffs/bf/gf with them for a reason. Even with this constant reassurance, it can still be hard for overthinkers to not overthink. therefore, it is very important to be patient with them.
Overthinker: “do u still love me
Overthinkers bf/gf: “yes, ofc i love you! i always will, don’t worry”
by lc_s December 22, 2020
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Thinking on something way too deeply, almost always much more than you need.It is like windows defender, it eats your cpu for not much benefit.Overthinkers are often also daydreamers as well.They are worrying about not being perfect or something going terribly wrong.
*just left my house* I've got my purse, car key and where is my water bottle? Did I forgot my headphones? Did I leave any lights on? Did I... FUCK I missed the bus stop overthinking you are doing this for 20 years stop please
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