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When one of your friend is being a jerk and make fun of you. Acting as an friendly enemy against you.
"Little Jimmy is always an Anti Friend."
Who needs enemy when you got friends like this.
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by Mr.Catsoup December 10, 2016
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(n.) - A person who portrays themselves like a true friend or confidante but, in reality, don't approve of the person or their actions. Although, they act generally friendly towards said person.
Yeah. Even though Jason hangs out all the time with him, he's always talking about how Trevaren lies and is extremely condescending towards everyone. That's an Anti-Friend.
by BigGrizzly[KOtM] December 23, 2010
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One who acts as if they are your best friend, but when asked non-surface level questions, refuse to answer.

An anti-friend will also ask you to divulge all your deepest secrets, then go behind your back and tell everyone.
Friend John: Dude, who did you fuck this weekend?
Friend Steven: Fuck you man, i don't kiss and tell.
Friend John: But, I thought we were best friends... you're being an anti-friend.
by kranzenator January 26, 2012
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A friend who lacks the qualities of an idealistic friend. Not to be confused with a frenemy which is more of a love/hate relationship. May have been a close friend at one point. In many ways they are fiercely independent or distant for personal reasons, which creates an air of tension. But, that tension is never redeemed, so they are especially prone to becoming the black sheep of a group.
We tried reconnecting as friends but it's not the same, I guess he's an antifriend now.
by markypliar March 26, 2017
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