The act of learning intimate secrets about one's sexual partner and, especially after a one night stand or breaking up, telling most everyone else what those secrets are. Usually explicit or kinky in nature, such as dick length or fetishes.
I really don't want to date Maria. She loves to kiss and tell. Everyone knows about her ex's foot fetish.
by chibisatan April 24, 2016
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to let everyone u know or talk to know what you are into sexually and who you doing it with. having a big ass mouth about your personal liasons.
I'm not into boy that be on that whole kiss and tell tip. That can get somebody killed.
by lil v v July 12, 2005
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(v.) To sell ones' story about a sexual liasons with a famous person, describing them so that the moronic readers/listeners/viewers can imagine what fucking a celebrity is like.
by Gumba Gumba May 23, 2004
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Writing a web comic, but intentionally leaving the identity of the cartoonist a mystery.
Pete wrote a hilarious web comic about how women belong in the kitchen. He shared this comic with his friends, who found the comic hilarious and literally couldn't stop laughing. When asked about the comic's origins, Pete went silent. He was not one to kiss and tell.
by retrograderatiocination April 7, 2011
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The title of Disney channel star and teeny bopper sensation Selena Gomez's debut album. The vocals to each song sound as if someone different is singing for each one, and when Gomez performed live for the first time on the show "Dancing With the Stars," it was made quite obvious that the little singing she did for the album was edited and synched to an average singer's level.
However, she has many fans who love her, and Selena managed to sell 66,000 copies of the album in one week. The end.
Ashlyn: Ew, Selena Gomez can NOT sing.
Brian: She's hot, but she makes my ears bleed.
Little girl: No! Selena is nice and pretty and looks like Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place, so she can do magic! And she's so cool! Mommy bought me 'Kiss and Tell' and she sang really good!
by Fryen Pan November 26, 2009
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To make out with someone and then go tell all your friends about it.
After we've made out, dont kiss n tell, okay?
by isportjays17 June 29, 2006
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A play on the idiom "kiss and tell": "Kiss and Tell" implies a betrayal of confidence, typically (but not necessarily) when referring to an encounter of a sexual nature. While the phrase "A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell" was originally intended to end a conversation by making it clear that details will not be shared, it can also be used to infer that a sexual encounter actually occurred.

1) He honestly 'kissed' the girl, then later implied that he did by saying "a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell"... making him a sleezebag and not a gentleman.

2) He didn't 'kiss' the girl, then later implied the he did... making him both dishonest and insecure.

3) He did/didn't 'kiss' the girl but does not want to appear to be a sleezebag and wants to respect her privacy.
Tom: So, did you fuck her last night?

Max: A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell *wink*

Tom: So, did you fuck her last night?

Virgin Max: A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell...


Tom: So, did you fuck her last night?

Max: Don't ask me about it Tom. A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.
by Marauder91 January 18, 2016
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