It is a group that hates the furry fandom and does its best to accuse furries for being a pedophile/zooiphile by doing their 3 minutes of research and when they find a zooiphile (who most likely doesn't have any connection with the furry fandom) they explain that they are the entire fandom

Some other anti-furries on instagram post pictures that say that when the viewer likes it, a furry will die
Anti-furry: all furries are zooiphiles
Reasonable person: well I've looked into the fandom and furries do absolutly hate zoo/pedophiles and there were cases where a furry has been one of those and got tremendous amount of hate from the furry fandom
Anti-furry: you're so wrong
by Hello_there_reddit October 31, 2019
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A person who is really hates the furry fandom.
They tend to harrass or try to offend furries.
Anti-furries can be commonly found on discord, either raiding or spying on a server.
"Hey dude, I think the furry server recently got nuked, do you know who did it?"
"Yeah, it was an Anti-furry, he took the whole server down by himself."
by BrightDusty February 18, 2020
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An Anti-Furry is a person who dislikes the Furry fandom for a multitude of reasons the furries think are ridiculous and lie about how zoophiles and pedophiles are hated there.
Anti-furry: I don’t like the furry fandom for the amount of cringe, toxicity and criminal activities in the furry fandom, oh and how can I forget the porn.

Furry: You are being a jerk about it. A lot of the fandom hates the toxicities and criminal activities. And most of the fandom does not even see the porn. Learn to grow up.

Anti-furry: Yea whatever here’s evidence that I’m right. (Evidence with link of where evidence was found)

Furry: You faked that.

Anti-furry: tell me when that makes sense with the link right there. I will be living life like a human while you play dress up to escape reality because your to weak for it when your dad left
by Dr_Reaper049 April 7, 2023
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If this is a copy of the original entry I’m sorry. But anti Furrys are a particular group of people. Who has the other entrys suggest does not like that furry community and has a. Costco receipt of reasons. I’m just gonna list some more “popular ones” first up is being exposed to the furry community at a extremely young age. And most likely being scarred for life because even though the furry say “it’s a small Minority” the thousands of children that get scarred every day because of that would disagree. Because there is always mountains of it and to be honest if this gets disliked into oblivion and buried that just proves my point that they’ll try to hide anything that isn’t agreeing with them and I do have to admit the anti-furry community can be very very toxic. But that does not excuse the type of behavior that happens in the furry community. Number two is the fetishes such as but not limited to zoophillea/bestiality, inflation, vore and necrophilia. And for some reason doing the kitchen sink no I could keep going but this is getting bloated as is so I’m just gonna cut it right here and give you the ways you can use anti-furry in a sentence.
Number one: oh is ( ) a anti-furry

Number two: I hope my anti-furry neighbor doesn’t find out I’m a furry

Number three: The anti-furry movement can be quite toxic
by White ops arcade August 23, 2022
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A cringe and racist faggot that is against furries; they are commonly found on youtube with some nazi wannabe looking ass pfp, they usually mention their weird fetish on videos that aren't even related to furries. you'll most likely only find them on youtube shorts since they are 7-12 year old kids with a short attention span that got brainwashed into becoming a nazi. i mean, it's really messed up how they just get pushed into these insane trends. but hey, if you are an anti-furry, you can go suck my tiny dick you furry in denial. but i also found some pedophiles that simp for anti-furries(yes they actually exist), and to those same pedophiles, the anti-furry community isn't gonna let you hit, stop simping over them nigga, you can go say "oh the anti-furry community is gonna laugh at your cringy statement!1!111!1" but no they fucking aren't, they are so sensitive that speaking the honest truth gets them all pissed off and stuff, speaking of truth, they can't even argue, i saw some guy that kept saying "oh furries are bad", and when i asked him why, he kept saying "i don't need to prove it", and he kept thinking he was some genius or some shit. but yeah, you don't need to have hate in your heart. just admit that you're a furry so i can fuck you already...
anti-furry: hey, i am anti-furry!
furryfucker445: doesn't that make you a racist?
anti-furry: the fuck you mean?
furryfucker445: well, it's all based off one question, why do you hate furries?
anti-furry: because they're cringe and sussy
furryfucker445: well, using your own logic, you are a racist because you assume that all black people are cotton pickers that love chicken
Anti-furry: N-no that isn't true!!!!
furryfucker445:shut the fuck up
by FurryFucker445 July 21, 2023
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A fatherless piece of shit that didn't receive love from their parents, most of the time younger than 18 year old
"I'm anti-furrys" - 11 year old
by FluffFur March 17, 2023
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Monster who hates furries 99% of the times because they assume it's all about porn while not admitting there's porn in litterally every other fandom in the same exact quantity

They are right that were goofy and weird, but oh gosh, can you just be tolerant? It's like being into anime.
To put it simply, an Anti-furry is a mentally disabled, close minded and retarded 16 yo turd with no life, empathy, common sense and acceptance towards diversity whatsoever.
by LS71 June 29, 2020
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