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It is a group that hates the furry fandom and does its best to accuse furries for being a pedophile/zooiphile by doing their 3 minutes of research and when they find a zooiphile (who most likely doesn't have any connection with the furry fandom) they explain that they are the entire fandom

Some other anti-furries on instagram post pictures that say that when the viewer likes it, a furry will die
Anti-furry: all furries are zooiphiles
Reasonable person: well I've looked into the fandom and furries do absolutly hate zoo/pedophiles and there were cases where a furry has been one of those and got tremendous amount of hate from the furry fandom
Anti-furry: you're so wrong
by Hello_there_reddit October 30, 2019
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A person who is really hates the furry fandom.
They tend to harrass or try to offend furries.
Anti-furries can be commonly found on discord, either raiding or spying on a server.
"Hey dude, I think the furry server recently got nuked, do you know who did it?"
"Yeah, it was an Anti-furry, he took the whole server down by himself."
by BrightDusty February 18, 2020
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The Greatest Communist-like fucking movement ever
Person Guy: Woa look at that anti furry.
Person Guy 2: Woa. what a badass
by Caesar Zeppeli November 01, 2020
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An individual with negative opinions towards the Furry Fandom, generally enraged over the fact that 99% of the fandom commits zoophilia, or shows some sort of attraction towards animals,

(which is true, beacuse there is a SHIT TON of furry porn, also r/yiff has more members than r/furry, and it's basically sexualizing anthropomorphic animals but it does count because they're still animals.)

or generally because they find the image of the fandom immoral towards their mindset and are wanting to rid the community to defend their sanity or defend the future generations vulnerable to being converted to such degeneracy.
The Anti-Furry pulled up to the furry convention with an AA12 and he was the hero of the day, generations being saved.
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by AndyThePerson November 27, 2020
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Monster who hates furries 99% of the times because they assume it's all about porn while not admitting there's porn in litterally every other fandom in the same exact quantity

They are right that were goofy and weird, but oh gosh, can you just be tolerant? It's like being into anime.
To put it simply, an Anti-furry is a mentally disabled, close minded and retarded 16 yo turd with no life, empathy, common sense and acceptance towards diversity whatsoever.
by LS71 June 29, 2020
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A patriotic movement promoting open discrimination against 'furrydom'.
"The Anti-Furry Coalition will crush all who yiff in their path"
by Der_Kaiser_Von_Texas January 27, 2009
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