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The anti-furry community formed in response to the furry community growing, they fight bravely with multiple big sub-communities like, for example the D.A.F.A (discord anti furry army).
Furry: I exist
Anti-furry: *publicly executes furry*
by Sacrificial plant March 04, 2019
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It is a group that hates the furry fandom and does its best to accuse furries for being a pedophile/zooiphile by doing their 3 minutes of research and when they find a zooiphile (who most likely doesn't have any connection with the furry fandom) they explain that they are the entire fandom

Some other anti-furries on instagram post pictures that say that when the viewer likes it, a furry will die
Anti-furry: all furries are zooiphiles
Reasonable person: well I've looked into the fandom and furries do absolutly hate zoo/pedophiles and there were cases where a furry has been one of those and got tremendous amount of hate from the furry fandom
Anti-furry: you're so wrong
by Hello_there_reddit October 30, 2019
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1. A Neo-Nazi branch that spread the belief that Furries engage in bestiality and sex in fursuits. They are hateful and will insult and discriminate any Furry, even if they are innocent.

2. A member of the hateful Anti-Furry movement.
Person A: Furries are disgusting sex-mongers who rape poor animals and have sex in their fursuits!

Person B: Dude, no. Don't be an Anti-Furry.


Person C: Hey, what's Anti-Furry?

Person D: A hateful organization that likes to hate on and bully furries.
by wolfereaper February 17, 2019
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