And All.. (an all > an ol > anol)

Mostly Scottish slang, Glasweigen mainly, but also heard Newcastle and north east of England anol like.
Met this fit lass out on the town last Night with a proper cock blocking mate like, but she wouldny come back to ours unless her mate was coming anol like.
by George.R.R.Fartin October 14, 2020
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Scottish term for "as well". This can mainly be seen in Glasgow.
"Fuck up ya dick or you'll be getting chibbed anol".
by Yer Dugs Kettle Got Shat In August 3, 2018
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Anol, scottish slang for "And all" but shortened. Similar to Yall, but and all instead of you all.
"Did you see Danny?"
"Yeah he's back in town. Go a lambo anol"
by daedreaminyoonie February 1, 2021
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Para-hydroxypropenylbenzene, an extremely potent chemical that stimulates the female reproductive system like estrogen. Often confused with Anal.
After she took some Anol, she got really horny.
by 321ciDbrU June 25, 2021
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Anal but said with a lisp
1.did you hear tasha got anol?
2. probably from those st james kids
1. ya
by 1326Xanny February 22, 2021
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Anol, also known as para-hydroxypropenylbenzene, is a simple phenol that was derived via demethylation from anethole, an estrogenic constituent of anise and fennel, by Sir Charles Dodds in 1937. It was reported to possess extremely potent estrogenic activity on par with that of steroidal estrogens like estrone. It was found that dimerization of Anol into dianol and hexestrol can rapidly occur and that the latter impurity, hexestrol, was responsible for the highly potent estrogenic effects.
Petter: I've got 1 μg of Anol to test on a rat.
Betty: After ingested, the Anol caused the female rat to go into an estrus phase, aka "into heat," making it want to reproduce.
Petter: Wow! I've gotta try this out at the club.
Betty: You're a pig!
Petter: F u Betty...
by Timber4 August 22, 2021
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A small lizard that is native to to tropical and subtropical South America, Central America, Mexico, the offshore East Pacific Cocos, Gorgona and Malpelo Islands, the West Indies and southeastern United States, and are related to iguanas and chameleons and comprised of the family Dactyloidae, in the class Squamata. They resemble a small iguana, but are less spiky, and the males typically have a brightly colored dewlap, or neck flap, that they will display when defending his territory from a rival, courting a female, or even as a defense mechanism to scare away predators such as birds. They also have enlarged toe pads like that of a gecko, to help them grip onto leaves, bark, etc. They are often mistaken for a gecko, due to their ability to drop their tails when frightened and their sticky toe pads, but the two are distantly related.
Some fun facts:

Female green anoles have a white strip on their backs, and when they are frightened or stressed, their stripe darkens.
All male anoles have a dewlap, but they are not all the same. Anoles that typically live in a dark habitat, such as a damp forest, for example, often have brightly colored dewlaps. On the other hand, anoles that live in bright habitats, such as sunny fields, generally have darker dewlaps.
The largest anole is the Cuban knight anole, measuring 13–20 in (33–51 cm) in total length when fully grown and weighing 0.56–4.83 oz (16–137 g).
Anoles, contrary to popular belief, are typically very intelligent and charismatic, and are actually very friendly and curious once you gain one’s trust and get to know one. In fact, I had a green anole for about 3 years, his name was Drakor, and he was the only other soul who I believe actually enjoyed seeing me. I used to talk to him, and I swear he talked back to me with those round, warm, caring eyes. I loved that little lizard. But.. when I came home from school one day, looking forward to seeing those round little eyes, I was instead met by.. nothing. His little eyes, instead of looking at me with that loving gaze, were sunken in and dried up, like the rest of his shrunken, darkened body. I rarely give in to my emotions, but that day, I practically dried up like a raisin I cried so much. My only loyal friend.. gone.. forever..

by SquiggleLizard April 14, 2022
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