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An exceptionally intelligent woman with stunningly gorgeous beauty, inside and out. A sparkling personality, she is one of the most outgoing people you will ever meet. Well versed in literature and she loves to read, her combined GPA and SAT scores in addition to her gift of writing from the heart will grant her admission into any college she so wishes to go to.
She is the most mesmerizing kisser and is often seen kissing her boyfriend in public, much to the awe of other couples. She possesses a stunning pair of green eyes you won't want to look away from, a luscious neck you can't resist biting, and a set of breasts and bosom sculpted for the heavens from pure milk and honey. This combination of good looks makes for an incredibly sexy woman and is the reason behind many sleepless nights and lust filled dreams. Incredibly fit, her well toned arms, shoulders, legs and stomach would make any woman jealous. Once met, she is somebody you won't ever want to leave and one worth fighting for. She is amazing and special and this often leaves one falling head over heels to give her the best of everything. She dislikes overly sweet comments and being showered in gifts but how can one resist when one is so much in love.
Annaliese is simply the best.
by HungLowAsian October 09, 2011
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a beautiful person, with alot of personality. Usually seen with a boy or with a couple of close friends. she is stunning and one of the sweetest people in the world.
by iloveannaliese October 25, 2010
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Is the smartest person in the world and loves to be outgoing and amazing
She has the most amazing blue eyes, best body, best legs and the best boyfriend in the world. She is super rich and lives in the best house in the world.

3 words to describe her


a little dumb sometimes

by PARKSIE902.1 May 15, 2013
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An amazing girl, who is beautiful, loving, smart, and athletic. Any boy would be lucky to have her in his life. She is the perfect girl anyone could have. I can’t believe I waited so long......
Boy 1: Annaliese is sooo pretty, idk if she likes me back though
Girl 1: Trust me she does
Boy 1: I think I’ll give it a shot
by Tryhardy March 19, 2018
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