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a symbol standing for physical and eternal life, it can often be seen in the hands of egyptian gods
by julie August 11, 2003
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The ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life, also reffered to as the Key of Life. Somehow it has also become a goth/vampire symbol. Because of this, most people aren't aware that it was once a part of Egyptian culture, and wear an ankh, proudly proclaiming their obsession with the dark. This makes it difficult for the rest of us enlightened ankh wearers. SO STOP IT WITH THE FRIGGIN' VAMPIRES.
Ankh =/= Vampires. I cannot stress this enough, because it drives me up the wall.
by J. Waltz September 25, 2007
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The ankh is the Egyptian symbol of eternal life. Some say it represents the giving of life. What it means is that once the pharaohs die,(or any other person, but it is mainly focused on pharaohs or royalty)their heart is weighed on a scale by Anubis, against the feather of truth. If the heart is heavier than the feather, it means that the person commited too many bad deeds in their life. It would be eaten by a monster named Ammut and recorded by Thoth. When a person's heart is eaten, they can't pass into the afterlife. A person's heart who isn't too heavy would pass on, thus creating an eternal life.(technically you're dead, but your soul still lives.) For those of you who don't know who Anubis is he is the jackal-headed god of embalming, and Thoth is the ibis-headed god of wisdom. Ammut is the devourer of the dead that is part hippo, lion, and crocodile. If you're goth and wear an ankh, but knows what it represents, then sure, go ahead and wear it. If you don't know what it means, then stop wearing it. That is disgraceful to all Egyptians, and I hope the gods smite you!- thanks for listening.
Right-Osiris held an ankh, representing eternal life.
Wrong-Sarah's ankh represented that she was gothic.
by IamIsis March 16, 2006
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a sign meaning eternal life by egyptians, adapted by vampires coz of the whole immortal thing. can also be seen as they key of death. some goths wear it even though half of them dont know what it means.
poser: im goth coz i dress in black and wear a ankh
me: (not even worth speaking to this person)
by katherine January 26, 2005
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The egyptian symbol for life and vitality, often interpreted to mean immortality. It came to be heavily used by real vampires due to it's original meaning, not due to immortality.
Egyptian Gods often held in Ankh to represent that they were the source of life.

Vampires wear an ankh to symbolize that they take in life, be it energy or blood.
by Zero Nightskye September 01, 2011
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A symbolthat is considered dark by goths, and symbolizes the essencence of pure life to Ancient Egyptians.
"THe Ankh symbolizes life...?"
by Unknown April 27, 2003
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