105 definitions by julie

something that is deliciously kinky.
Oo, strawberries and whip cream. that's so kinkalicious.
by julie March 14, 2005
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when i turn red for nothing!
~dude u have an asian glow
~i no its embarassing!
by julie March 31, 2005
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A state of the art computer based learning system.
The Acellus learning system was developed at the International Academy of Science
by julie September 11, 2003
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The plastic jewlery (necklaces, bracelets etc.) worn at raves. They are used for trading or just for show. They usually glow, like glowsticks.
That is some tight candy you have there, would you like to trade with mine?
by julie August 7, 2004
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down to the very bone
awww that dude got beat down to the white meat
by julie February 8, 2005
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A mean, selfish, insensitive, and otherwise uncaring prick.
That guy is such a fuckwit for missing the toilet and peeing all over the wall and seat.
by julie June 3, 2004
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shazam + amazing, used as a descrptive word instead of awesome, amazing, great, good, or anything overused. Can also be changed into sha-fucking-mazing if it was really good.
by julie January 17, 2004
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