105 definitions by julie

something that is deliciously kinky.
Oo, strawberries and whip cream. that's so kinkalicious.
by julie March 14, 2005
when i turn red for nothing!
~dude u have an asian glow
~i no its embarassing!
by julie March 31, 2005
down to the very bone
awww that dude got beat down to the white meat
by julie February 8, 2005
A mean, selfish, insensitive, and otherwise uncaring prick.
That guy is such a fuckwit for missing the toilet and peeing all over the wall and seat.
by julie June 3, 2004
bassist for the strokes.
looks very serious sometimes.
has 'that bassist' vibe.
Nikolai Fraiture ate all the muffins. What a whore.
by julie October 2, 2003
GT4HeR has a hot ass car
by julie September 18, 2004