to masturbate while really mad
to jerk off when pissed off
i angerbate when i get spammed in mortal kombat

"Dude where'd you go last night"

"i left to go angerbate, that one kid was pissing me off"
by fuzzywuzzy686 September 4, 2011
The act of masturbating with no respect for your genitalia.

perhaps by...

Male: Jerking off until your dick bleeds then slamming your balls in a door.

Female: A 40 grit sandpaper dildo.
"I havn't got laid in so long I don't think I'll ever get laid again... I'm gonna go home and Angerbate!"
by dexredhead April 3, 2009
A specific form of masturbation as a result of life's trials and tribulations. This includes, but not limited to, the following: Violent strokes, direct verbal berating of penis, screaming, crying, possible racial slurs
"Matt spent 2 days and 18 hours trying to beat James' kill death ratio in Titanfall. When James was not impressed, Matt angerbated in the corner of his basement floor for release."
by Diego6969 April 28, 2017
Being angry but not being able to express that anger so you furiously masturbate
Jason and Martin got into a fight, Jason was so angry that when he got home he started angerbating
by Give_me_them_toes November 7, 2018
Where a man is annoyed at something and Masterbates in an Angry mood.
Lyndol: Did ya beat the anger monkey our yer penis? What ya call it?
Richard: Angerbating? Yes. I beat that little monkey. Right out..
by Mark Jackson. January 18, 2009
Masturbation out of spite; to inflict emotional turmoil on another person.
"She hated it when I watched porn. After we broke up all I could do was angerbate."
by ianjy May 19, 2009
The act of wanking where the object of fantasy is often the focus of some kind of anger, but also incredibly attractive. The wanking is made that much more pleasurable when it demeans the super hot person in your mind.
I hate my teacher with the unbridled fury of a thousand suns...but she's also fucking hot, so I'm gonna do some angerbation.

Guy 1: That bitch in the gym pissed me off.
Guy 2: Should make for some great angerbation then.
by Drew Perez January 28, 2008