This one radio demon from hazbin hotel. Was offered head by Angel dust but denied.
My favourite character is Alastor.
by IDEMANDSUCC February 18, 2020
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Hot demon mf from Hazbin Hotel that half the Internet wants to bang
Alastor: *exists*
by Toxk March 7, 2020
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Alastor is a character from the adult show Hazbin Hotel.
Alastor is the infamous entity known as "The Radio Demon" and is one of the many powerful Overlords of Hell.

He is badass and baby.
It's Alastor, the most powerful demon in hell.
He looks like a strawberry pimp !
by Rainbowine April 7, 2020
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A demon from hell who is our lord savior that wears a nice suit a tie and a monocle also all hail alastor
hey have you seen the new episode of hazbin hotel alastor is in it so much more
by sexy alastor November 12, 2020
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A fricking hilarious and hot ,powerful,demon from Hazbin Hotel
Person 1 :what the f are you looking at ???
Person 2: hmmmm Alastor....👌
by HazbinFan April 30, 2022
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This is a guy who's always gonna have your back. Caring, charming, and VERY sexual LMAO. Take care of him and he'll take care of you. Loves his homies with all his heart and ABSOULUTLY will fight for them.

This is a dumbass who falls in love with Tauruses. Take care of him and please love him.
A: WTF is Alastor doing?
B: Beating some guy up. Apparently some guy called his best friend ugly.
by Mr.Online November 21, 2021
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A thicc boy who looks like a mean, sad soul. He actually loves animals, cherishes his friends, and is very clingy. He will hug you till he is pried off. He wants to be understood. He will make many sexual jokes but no advances when he gets comfortable. He is probably gay or just not a heterosexual cisgender man.
Did you meet that boy Alastor?!?!? He was practically hanging off Salena
by shakethatassJackson March 31, 2020
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