A small fish that smells like a finger
Jimmy saves the cost of anchovy toppings by diddling his sister just before eating his pizza
by Dr. Zeke July 7, 2006
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When two people cannot decide on the attractiveness of a third - usually when one person finds them hot and the other not. Much like the divisive reaction to finding anchovies on your pizza.
(Guy One) Dude she's hot!
(Guy Two) Fuck no, I've scraped better looking crap off my shoes.
(Together) ANCHOVY!
by Miss Tessmacher October 7, 2010
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Noun used to describe the form of female pubic hair that is neatly trimmed in a thin straight line similar to a canned anchovy fillet.
Jane: How do you take care of your business down there?

Eileen: I don't like it crowded down there, I have an anchovy.
by heyyou21 October 23, 2009
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An acronym meaning "Any Nigga Can Have Or Violate You". Used to describe a dumb bitch who ignores a guy who is genuinely interested in her to spend time with "the in crowd", "players" and people who have no respect for her.
Damn, that bitch is an anchovy! Look at her let those guys fondle her on the dance floor!
by Bob Whyte March 1, 2016
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smells like a turd mixed with a piece of fish
what grants dick smells like after sex
by paul March 19, 2004
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Mr.Krabs: *sniffs sniffs* do you smell it? That smell, Kind of smelly smell, that smelly smells that smells smelly
*eyes widens*

Squidward: what?

Mr.Krabs: ANCHOVIES!!!

Anchovies: meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep x100
by yaymacncheese February 19, 2019
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Anchovies’ is a euphemism for “normies”, aka people who have little on their mind but consuming, spawning, and the American way. The term originated from an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. Anchovies are good little cogs in the wheel, working the daily grind as expected and engaging in societally approved recreation in their off time: watching sports/ playing Fantasy Football, going to the gym, shopping for loafers, and building their normal lives. They all want to take vacations at Disney World Resort.

Anchovies have no real idea of what is actually going on in the world, nor bother to care. Typically they are not engaged in local issues as well. They easily trust that corporations genuinely have their best interests at heart over profit. They never critically examine the system they were spawned in.

Anchovies feel fear towards ideas and art that challenge their way of life. They also fear things that would put the burden on them to act for an ethical cause, unless it is something mundane like enforcing an HOA, which fills them with a great sense of drunken power.

Things that anchovies love attributing to their identities: Supporting the police/military, Marvel movies/Disney/ Star Wars, sports teams, their model of car, their dogs, etc.
oh no, it’s 3pm on a Saturday and the brew pub is filling up with anchovies and their spawn

i hate going to malls and shopping outlets; it’s nothing but anchovies there

those anchovies keep looking at me like I’m going to stab them; I’m just wearing my favorite pentagram hoodie.
by crunchmeister April 21, 2019
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