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Amyle is a sweet amazing and most beautiful girl in the world she will always me on your side on fights and always keep you company, and she would get all the boys on her side on a fight with another girl because shes that pretty. And shes a smart person that never gives up of what goal she wants to achieve.
GO Amyle GO

Dang she pretty
by Aria604 May 03, 2018
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amazing girl that everyone likes, she cares about all her friends never gives up on her life goals , never loses a fight when she does get into them always stands up for her friends bo matter what. very smart but always says dhes not all the boys like her but she dosent really care she only cares about the one sweet guy she always has in her made Amyle is a very talented girl but she dosent like to show it so if you find yourself an Amyle keep her and always make sure she is happy!!
thanks Amyle
by hdhsjssjsns July 16, 2018
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A young boy who is only attracted to older girls. Similar to the definition of a cougar.
Wow that freshman is such a myles with that senior girl!
by Oliviaolivia December 04, 2016
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