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The best freind you will ever meet. Harleen adores all of her friends. She probably will swear a lot once you get to know her. She is crazy and loveable at the same time. If you ever meet Harleen she is a ideal freind you will want to be with. She is pretty, has a good sense of style. She is very real. She is happy with friends she can trust. I am honoured to be her best friend
Harleen= Oh f*** I lost my paper
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Awesome, smart, athletic, funny, and a GREAT hugger. This girl is ideal, she makes my day and will probably make yours.
Harleen the study of Harleenology
by jackattack123 December 05, 2010
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A beautiful girl with a hot body. Shes so fun to be around and a GREAT kisser. If she likes you enough she may let you go further. Has a very loving personality and tries to please everyone. Loves cuddling and gets attached to things way to quickly. But overall, a beautiful girl inside and out.
Wow. I WANT that Harleen.
by mymilkshakebrings September 20, 2011
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Generally a person who pretends to be some they are not. Usually harleens are obese or lacking in healthiness. they are usually very ugly and it is hard for them to make real friends.
Harleen is just too ugly.
by Urbandictionary user17829 February 13, 2019
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