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Slang for a beautiful and cool man who has impressive singing abilities and better than justin Bieber in all categories
Wow Joey you lookin like The Weeknd today😉
by The Weeknd XO February 05, 2018
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The weeknd

The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) is an amazing Ethiopian Canadian chill wave/r&b artist based in Toronto. He is by no means Drakes protege, but just his own self. Some music critics have even said Drakes new album was definitely inspired by Abel. The Weeknd and his xo crew did link up with Drake and were featured on each others songs and even connected their acronyms, Drakes OVO (Octobers Very Own) and Abels XO (Ecstasy and Oxycodone).After Drakes sophomore album Take Care was released The Weeknds popularity blew up a c4.

He surfaced in 2010 with a few songs floating around. Built up a supportive fan base then released a free mixtape , House of Balloons, on his website.After what felt like eons he then released another free mixtape, Thursday, also on his website.

His music involves a cool smugness, a lot of sex, a fun addiction to various drugs and lean, trippy ass beats, a sensual voice, and the explosion and/or convulsions of ovaries across the world.

Many wonder what he will do after his balloon trilogy is over.
Sallygrrrl: zomg the weekend is so cool. They're my favorite band.

Janegrrl: You idiot. The weeknd is one man. one divine talented man. AND THERE IS NO 'E'

Bob: no homo but Gone by The Weeknd makes me want the gayest of all sex with you.
The other Bob: After listening to his mixtapes. I accept bro. no homo
mary: omg Drake made The Weeknd.
Judy: no.The Weeknds talent made The Weeknd
by dryb0nez November 20, 2011
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A new type of R&B artist. Drake's protege. Makes fucking awesome music. Earsexes you constantly.
Man, have you heard House of Balloons or Thursday? The Weeknd just won't stop.
by peazncheez August 19, 2011
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Abel Tesfaye - he is an artist. He will make you want him by telling you he will rescue you, but won't love you. He will get you high, imagine you are someone else while fucking you. He is your worst enemy, and will pass you around his crew and will make you like it. He will leave you like a bird and admit he is so wrong, but won't apologize. He is the most wanted man alive!
Listening to The Weeknd while having sex, is like not wearing a condom. You're just asking for a baby!
by dredae October 05, 2013
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