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Ameris is amazingly sensitive and beautiful girl that i wish was mine . She has beautiful hair . The colors are exquisite. And if electricity could be a color , it would be the color of her eyes. The color of her soft pink lips and the color of her rosy cheeks. Her colors are so beautiful , she could be art. When you first meet her she is intimidating. She is violent and has a bitchy attitude.Her beauty and her dark cat eyes makes you wonder about her. But over the weeks of becoming closer you begain to see the true her. The way her eyes sparkle when she wears dresses or blows bubbles or hold roses. The way a single word vould destroy her world . Shes sensitive , but only because of how forgiving and whole hearted she is . I hurt her , and im sorry . I wish she was mine. And wish i couldve known her longer
"DONT FUCK WITH HER , Shes Ameris"

"Who is he dating?"
by ROYALKING66 May 23, 2017
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1. Someone who is objectively awesome, a truly beautiful individual, inside and out.
2. Someone who doesn't use Google Chrome.
1. "Of course she'll do well on her midterm, she's Ameris!"
2. "There's just no winning this argument - she's Ameris."
by Victor Rick McRickvictor February 12, 2015
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Ameri is the most genuine , amazing person that you will ever meet. Her eyes are like that of a shining emerald deep in a hidden cave. Her personality is more true than and special than anyone else’s. Her dimples catch everyone’s eyes and her smile is entrancing. Ameri is BEAUTIFUL, and everyone desires to be like her.
Man I wish I could bang Ameri, she’s sooo hot!!
by Johnny Ross June 15, 2018
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A not bad looking person but is usually violent and boring but other than that she is funny
Person 1:ameris is so boring
Person 2: yeah but dont make her mad she will probably kill you
by De one June 04, 2019
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