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The chick stealer the the pussy getter the mighty penis wielder the sexy beast really popular person funny person the best in the world intelligent protector of the universe the STRONGEST he can also use all naruto eyes and all dragon ball z moves he likes anime
Omg Cassius look at me I'm so wet let's fuck please take your shirt off always protect me
by De one September 16, 2019

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If your definitelynotarapist your a homo
Bruh definitelynotarapist is so fucking gay
by De one July 02, 2019

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Is the proctecter of the universe the best in the universe and can use the mangekyo sharingan and the rinnegan also the byakugan
Cassius: sakura is a useless bitch

Everyone that watches naruto: I know right
by De one July 02, 2019

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Ahniyana stands for a very annoying crybaby person who cannot listen you would be mad if you ever meet her
Ahniyana is a crybaby annoying deviant kind of person
by De one April 10, 2019

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A not bad looking person but is usually violent and boring but other than that she is funny
Person 1:ameris is so boring
Person 2: yeah but dont make her mad she will probably kill you
by De one June 04, 2019

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I'm a fag n***a f**k me in a Tesla
n***a rubbin' on my thighs with some ketchup
b*t*h I'm gay so you know that I am next up
I got dildos, I got lube what you want son?

My d**k small, you act like you ain't noticed
Put my d**k inside his mouth he started chokin'
That d**k in me, bro that sh*t got me moanin'
Yes I'm gay, and my sister with that hoe sh*t

Verse 1
b*t*h I'm twerkin'
d**k up in my butt that sh*t be hurtin'
Hurtin', n***a f**k me then he close the curtains
d**k up in my kidney got me tweakin'
And I be f**kin' n***as like all weekend, yeah
Bro your d**k, that sh*t bigger than my cousin's
I might f**k my dad sike I might just f**k my cousin
d**k up in my ass bro that sh*t just got me c*mmin'
And I just f**ked a lil n***a Jimmy with my husband
I was toppin', gave him head, he stole my wallet
b*t*h I'm gay, so you know I gotta keep a dildo
I was straight, suck a n***a gay you know I'm hoe'in
You ain't never felt two d**ks in your ass
You lyin'
A gay noticed is a Male who wants to be noticed by another male who likes putting ketchup on his thighs
by De one January 12, 2021

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