A somewhat new web browser simply designed for the purpose of watching porn in the fastest, most efficient way possible.
Boy 1: I can't believe you still masturbate with Firefox, you need to get a new browser.

Boy 2: I know, I decided to switch to Google Chrome after my mom walked in on me jerking off and Firefox's tabs froze so I couldn't turn it off.
by ChronicDefibator March 31, 2010
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An overrated web browser that everyone uses for some reason. Its slow, it spies on you and its really heavy on RAM.

Everyone should switch to Firefox, a faster browser that doesn't track your every move.
Guy 1 (Average Joe): Ugh why is Google Chrome taking so long to load
Guy 2: Why don't you switch to Firefox? Its faster
Guy 1: Because I can't use Google services then
Guy 2: What makes you think they don't work in Firefox?
Guy 1: Okay then I'll download it right now
by thechadman412 January 3, 2021
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The latest attempt by Google to monopolize the internets. Merging Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Safari, it will only be surpassed if Google makes an Operating system or phone.
Google chrome eats IE7 for breakfast, Firefox for lunch and Safari for dinner.
by gangstergandhi September 18, 2008
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A really fast and cool browser that beats Firefox on my 8 year old laptop. My most favourite feature is that I could type in the name of a site in the address bar (a site that I've never visited) and a list would pop down with the site's URL in there. Also the UI takes up very little space.
Go check out Google Chrome
by jordanwb September 16, 2008
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An internet browser that's pretty good.

Wait, I think I held down "o" for too long. I meant to say:
An internet browser that's pretty god.
"Google Chrome, so funky cool and not shit."
by roarpee December 7, 2009
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by Light Dragon April 26, 2011
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