A word that’ll get you laid when a woman says that to you.
You’re so amazing!”
by Z-One May 19, 2020
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Someone who is super cool and awesome and is fun to hang around and talk to like. hailey
Guy 1: who's that amazing person
Guy 2 oh that's hailey
by Definitely is donte November 17, 2019
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Over used word. Usually by teenage airhead girls. Amazing
was once a word to describe something outstanding and wonderful. Now, teenage girls have overused the word. And have ruined it all.
Girl 1- OMG *squeal* "That lime green skirt a AMAZING".
Girl 2- OMG thanks, no YOU'RE AMAZING.
by Mildew June 28, 2006
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The ability to gain 70+ million subscribers on YouTube
Person 1 “Did you here about that guy Pewdiepie?”
Person 2 “Yeah he got over seventy-million subs on YouTube. He’s amazing!! I’m gonna go subscribe to him, but first I’ll unsubscribe from T-series.
by thehamwithcheese March 4, 2019
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Something that is rare and brings an unexpected kick in your life.
Maegan is more amazing than Einstein ever was.
by Maegan Renee January 1, 2008
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