2.The person that makes you want to faint, even if they just say 'hey'.
3.The person you wake up to talk to everyday.
Natalie is the most amazing person I've met.
by Ryan;] April 28, 2008
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1) Inspiring awe, wonder, and/or incredibility.

2) Surprising greatly.

3) Cory
"That movie was so amazing; I can't wait to buy it on DVD and watch it again!"
by Grace Llanos-Hinson April 3, 2008
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pronounced AH-MAZING

Simply put, the word amazing can be used when a person is of such a incredible standard, that no other words could begin to explain their importance to you or to the subect that they are bieng referred to as being amazing.
Natasha Coverley is just simply amazing.

Natasha Coverley is just simply an amazing singer.
by heybre October 31, 2009
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Stephen - “Wow look at Jenna, she’s so amazing!”

Mark - “I know right! she’s so beautiful too, she’s really the perfect person.”
by MarkyPooh March 26, 2022
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This word is used to describe something that is very good can be used on people and other various objects
I heard that Meagan girls is Amazing”
by AdamYeaCuz February 23, 2018
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Any person that will treat you with dignity and respect a person who is loyal and supportive an amazing will be their for you no matter what through thick and thin they will be their for you
Person 1: Jackie is so amazing

Person 2: what do you mean

Person 1: Jackie has been their for me and she will be no matter what she is nice and caring Idk what I would do w out her
by Infopplneed February 24, 2020
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Amazing: It’s what you are. You are amazing! I hope you have a great day <3
Me: You are Amazing, and deserve the best
You: awww thanks
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