The relationship between two amazing people. For this purpose the Word is always capitalized to show just how amazing AMAZING is. True AMAZINGNESS cannot be compromised or revoked for once one person is AMAZING that status can never be taken away. Unless they start to suck of course.
Marissa and Alex are AMAZING!!
by THor'axe the Impaler June 29, 2010
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The most energetic, positive, and all around great person that you will ever find. She has the most drop dead beautiful smile and laugh. Besides here outstanding smarts she will turn that frown upside down.
by Paris White April 21, 2015
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To have an amazing moment involving ejaculation and jizzing out of the penis. The feeling usually resulting in a deep moan or groan of satisfaction.
Hey Riley i had an amazing night last night with my penis.
by fatcatgoon April 6, 2009
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The simple act of being for my girl.
This girl that I'm with is simply Amazing!
by Scott&AD December 18, 2011
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2.The person that makes you want to faint, even if they just say 'hey'.
3.The person you wake up to talk to everyday.
Natalie is the most amazing person I've met.
by Ryan;] April 28, 2008
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1) Inspiring awe, wonder, and/or incredibility.

2) Surprising greatly.

3) Cory
"That movie was so amazing; I can't wait to buy it on DVD and watch it again!"
by Grace Llanos-Hinson April 3, 2008
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pronounced AH-MAZING

Simply put, the word amazing can be used when a person is of such a incredible standard, that no other words could begin to explain their importance to you or to the subect that they are bieng referred to as being amazing.
Natasha Coverley is just simply amazing.

Natasha Coverley is just simply an amazing singer.
by heybre October 31, 2009
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