Any person that will treat you with dignity and respect a person who is loyal and supportive an amazing will be their for you no matter what through thick and thin they will be their for you
Person 1: Jackie is so amazing

Person 2: what do you mean

Person 1: Jackie has been their for me and she will be no matter what she is nice and caring Idk what I would do w out her
by Infopplneed February 24, 2020
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When someone does something very cool and makes you appreciate them.
Or when something good happens you did not fully expect.
Damn have you seen Mariam; she's so amazing
by __RAMEN__ December 19, 2021
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A term for people who are generally great at everything and well-loved.
Wherever Alysse goes, she is the center of attention because she is an Amazing.
by Erik Rafe June 15, 2019
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The relationship between two amazing people. For this purpose the Word is always capitalized to show just how amazing AMAZING is. True AMAZINGNESS cannot be compromised or revoked for once one person is AMAZING that status can never be taken away. Unless they start to suck of course.
Marissa and Alex are AMAZING!!
by THor'axe the Impaler June 29, 2010
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The most energetic, positive, and all around great person that you will ever find. She has the most drop dead beautiful smile and laugh. Besides here outstanding smarts she will turn that frown upside down.
by Paris White April 21, 2015
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To have an amazing moment involving ejaculation and jizzing out of the penis. The feeling usually resulting in a deep moan or groan of satisfaction.
Hey Riley i had an amazing night last night with my penis.
by fatcatgoon April 6, 2009
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The simple act of being for my girl.
This girl that I'm with is simply Amazing!
by Scott&AD December 18, 2011
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