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Maegan is a person that your live will change with a positive effect. The impact she has on your life will make you question if heaven is worth going to if you already have it beside you constantly. Her heart is big, with no hatred at all inside of it only 100% love. She is lovable and a role model for all to be ideally perfect. Her looks will make you believe that God has sent an angel to you.
I wish she was more like a Maegan!
by Saket Tiwari April 05, 2009
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she is smart. funny and sometimes lazy. quiet. if you make friends with her she is one heck of a jokester. (but in a good way tho!!!)
oh im so lazy just like maegan.
by 4nch-0r May 14, 2012
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A girl of extraordinary, loving character with a tender heart for animals and people alike and an embrace like no other. A girl all guys should hope for, but one who is truly a rarity to find. If you can finda girl like this, never ever let her go or you will regret it for the rest of your life.
My girlfriend, Maegan, is the most amazing and loving girl I have ever met and I would be a fool to not see that.
by Hollywood-Lover November 13, 2011
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A girl that is like no other and knows how to work it in the sheets. She's beautiful and loving but can cut like a knife. Maegan can be your best friend or your worst enemy. She wont like everyone she meets, but everyone who meets her will absolutely adore her! Maegan is most often shorter, with a slender body, big boobs, eyes that are mysterious, brown hair, and an olive complexion. She has a captivating laugh that's always followed with a breath taking smile! Watch out though, cause she gets restless easy and gets over things as quickly as she stumbles upon them. Shell love you then leave you and never look back!
Damn... that girls a Maegan!

Watch out.. or you might get hit by a Maegan

I just wanna meet a Maegan and make her mine!

Starlite star bright, I wish I had a Maegan tonight!!
by Quori Luck September 22, 2011
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An awsome and perfect girl tht thinks badly of herself and wat she thinks of herself is the exact oposite of wat she realy is
tht girl is so maegan like damn yo
by valentino m. July 25, 2008
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Commonly used to describe a girl that excels at everything she attempts. Known for great humility, diligence, perseverance, and strength. Excessively gorgeous, but would never say so herself. A girl that any guy on earth would be lucky to know or be with.
Maegan is incredibly awesome. She is my booger.
by Boo-Pancake April 14, 2009
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Most likely a bitch that is actually nice. No one really knows what she’s thinking, probably something weird.

Her name means pearl, just like she’s as mysterious as a pearl from the ocean. She can be bitchy sometimes, but will always have her friends backs.

She’s creative and finds ways to show that with the world. If you see a sparkle in her eye then be careful of imagination overload.

Never piss of a Maegan, she will overload you with sarcasm and threats.
“Maegan is really weird.” The boy said.

“Actually, I call myself creative.” Maegan said, passing by.
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by God 707 Lover May 17, 2018
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