Someone who doesn't spend there time wisely or doesn't go out very often and is unsocialable.
"What an A.M. he never comes out!"
"Going out and getting nothing? A.M!"
by Kirke February 17, 2009
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Ass man. Person that loves ass.
Not morning
Person with alot of ass pictures on the phone or computer.
Sentence : Damn hes an AM.
by telephonic April 26, 2011
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am = amateur

mostly used in skateboarding or snowboarding.
He's still an amateur, he's not getting paid yet..
by twentysix December 23, 2003
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A.M slang for an Attempted Murder. Used heavily in UK.
" I just caught A.M last week then went and burned down my clothes - young dizz"
by Lendary stat October 20, 2019
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After Midnight.

The 22nd Century, non-Latin version of that very late, or early time of day.
-Omg, It's 1:35 in the AM? does that stand for After Midnight?

-No it doesnt but it might as well mean that. It means antes media something. It means before noon in Latin.

It's 2 in the AM. Nothing good ever happens in the AM.
by KaliWalle October 28, 2010
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Kazakh word. Means Pussy.
I'll fuck your am.
by Yani.kaz November 07, 2011
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Short for Amazing. AM is the equivalent to awesome, legit, cool, Koolio, swag, etc. The correct way to pronounced it is A.M. like on a clock.

Alli: Do you like Starbucks?
Tori: Ya! That's AM

Josh: Hey have you ever been to the place down the road.
Jake: Ya. It's AM
by TheGreatWhite February 11, 2015
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